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Frequantly Asked Questions

Looking for answers to common questions about Montu? We've compiled a list of common questions and provided clear and concise answers to help you understand and use our product/service better.
Does the Montu app sync with my Shopify store?

Yes, our app seamlessly syncs with your Shopify store, ensuring real-time updates of all collections, orders, and products.

Does the Montu app support my Payment gateway?

Yes, we support all payment gateways available in Shopify.

How many push notifications can I send?

as many as you want! we offer unlimited push notifications on all of our plans

Will my mobile app have Montu branding?

No, our app is a white-label mobile app solution for Shopify, which means there will be no Montu branding in your app.

How long will it take for my app to be approved on App Store and PlayStore?

Your app could get approval in 2-5 days, however, it may take longer. We recommend setting a buffer of 7 days between app submission and app launching.

Does my subscription involve the Play Store and App Store accounts?

No. For uploading the apps the Merchant will require developer accounts for both. Apple Developer Program costs USD 99 per year and a Google Play Developer Account costs USD 25 (one-time).

Can I change my plan later?

Yes, you can easily change your plan anytime.

Can I test the app before finally publishing it?

Yes, you can test the app before publishing it by reaching out to our support via chat.

Can I Send repeated Push Notifications automatically?

Yes, if you are on the ENTERPRISE plan, you can set up and customize repeated campaigns that will be sent automatically until you turn them off.

How can I publish my app on the App Store/Play Store?

To publish your app on these platforms, you need to fill out the Publish App section in the Montu app panel and provide us with admin access to your developer account.

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