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Notifications to crank up the conversions

Stay connected with your customers and keep them engaged with your brand, all without spending a dime on ads.
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Transform Your Marketing with the Power of Push

Choose the Right Notification Campaign for Your Marketing Goals

Instant Campaigns

Get your message out immediately with customized push notifications to Android, iOS, or both. Maximize engagement with photos or gifs to capture attention.

Repeated Campaigns

Keep your customers engaged with recurring marketing messages that are sent automatically. Customize the frequency and recurrence options to match your business needs.

Timed Campaigns

Plan ahead for important sales or events with automated, one-time notifications. Perfect for holidays, seasonal promotions, and more.

Unleash the Power of Push Notifications with Customization and Targeting

With our push notifications, you can create a custom message with a title, message, photo, or gif to resonate with your audience. Target notifications to specific products, collections, or pages to effectively promote your latest campaigns. Our easy-to-use platform allows you to quickly schedule and send push notifications in just a few clicks. Start maximizing your marketing impact today!

Make Informed Decisions with our Detailed Notification Insights

With our notification campaign insights, you can track revenue generated by each campaign, see the number of subscribed customers, and monitor delivery statistics to get an idea of how your notifications are performing. You can also track user engagement to see which campaigns are driving the most clicks and conversions. This data allows you to make informed decisions about your marketing strategy and optimize future campaigns for maximum impact. Start tracking your success today!
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